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How to stop overthinking?

Overthinking can be very destructive and it could drain your mind. Thinking too much leads to paralysis of our mind, thoughts, creativity, and ambitions. Read here about what can be done to stop overthinking.

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How to deal with stress?

With the huge amount of stress growing every day, we got to learn how to deal with stress? Read this find some simple ways to avoid stress

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How to reduce your Car Maintenance Cost

Let’s face facts: owning a car costs you a lot. Far from just the initial price of buying the thing, you then have to contend with depreciation losses, taxes, gas, maintenance and more. There...


Welcome to my Life

Let’s start with , why blogging ? Well, I am a very secretive person . I don’t go on telling people how boring or sad my life is . I don’t like talking about...

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A Changin’

NOTE: This text is written from the perspective of a 25-30 years old person. People from different age groups might not relate as well. Let’s begin with a good image. Picture the first person...

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Understanding Passion and Profession

In my early post, I have talked about pursuing passion and ambition in life. I pretty much stand with the statement. Recently, I got lots of DMs about how people are confused and cannot...