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Hindi Poem – Vishwa Rangmanch (Earth – The Stage)

A short hindi poem about the only carnival happening despite the lockdown. नील गगन के नीचे धरती पर बहती नदियां सागर शुद्ध हवा के झोंकों से तृप्त कर जाएं

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I don’t know what to do in life

If you are young and don’t know what to do in life. Read this article and get tips about how to find what to do in life.

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Sirf Maa Kar Sakti hai – Beautiful Hindi poem for mother

वो कौन हो सकता है! कौन कर सकता है ! वो सिर्फ मां कर सकती है | सिर्फ मां कर सकती है। beautilful Hindi poem for mothers – maa on mother’s day

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Hope is powerful

Hope is powerful. Hope has given unbelievable power to people. It has the power to push your limits, it can control the mind. It can help you push your threshold limits

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What inspired my last cigarette

In my life, there have been many moments where I have looked at myself. On one hand that ‘last cigarette’ which I promised myself would be the one that changes my lifestyle from that...

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A Simple Gratitude Exercise

There’s no simpler way to put it – gratitude is necessary. we don’t allow ourselves to be grateful. We have a simple gratitude exercise to get this done!