Giving up and letting go is not same

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  1. Dan "Jay" Reyes says:

    It’s nice of you to share your experiences. Thanks for sharing your perspectives on this topic.

  2. I feel there is a difference between the two. This is how I see it. Giving up is when you quit as your heart might not be into what you are doing and you are ready to move on to something else that will be of more interest to you and what goal or dream is truly in your heart. Sometimes the challenge might too overwhelming. Letting go is when you might be pressing yourself too hard to accomplish something you love, which can cause bodily harm or doubt in your progress when you aren’t getting there as quickly as you want, so you decide to pace yourself for a more productive way to attain your goal or dream. I think you were smart to let go and be aware of your body’s limits and how it can affect your future.

  3. I think the biggest difference lies in how the experience makes you feel when it’s done. If you are feeling regret, you gave up. If you are feeling hopeful and positive, you let go. Huge difference! Good luck with your marathon. Sounds like something you shouldn’t give up on!

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