Fall for the Traveler, Marry the Journey

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  1. Ayushi says:


  2. Anukriti says:

    Take a bow !

  3. Varad says:

    First of all, this is a very well written blog, expresses some really beautiful moments of the journey that you might have thought of marrying to. So thanks for sharing that with us.
    Secondly, I really hope your next journey sets a course for you that is not only extraordinary but also the one that makes you look back on your life and say, “ we are in this together, to get to the other end “

    Love is meant to transcend through a complex network of space and time.

  4. Aastha says:

    I absolutely loved this blog. Very deep and meaningful!!

  5. Abdul Waheed says:

    Very well said, but now a days travel industry is totally down because of this Corona virus , i hope soon all this will be end and thanks for sharing this article with us ❤️.

  6. Bhawana says:

    Beautifully written article. I loved a few paragraphs, expressed with so much depth.

  1. 15th April 2020

    […] requires conscious effort. Needless to say, you’ll surely encounter more than one of those in the journey of life. But if your close ones are anything like mine, say ‘thank you’ more than once per year and […]

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