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I don’t know what to do in life

If you are young and don’t know what to do in life. Read this article and get tips about how to find what to do in life.

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Understanding Passion and Profession

In my early post, I have talked about pursuing passion and ambition in life. I pretty much stand with the statement. Recently, I got lots of DMs about how people are confused and cannot...

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Benefits (and downsides) of being Jack of All Trades

Although the phrase Jack of All Trades has a bit of a negative caveat but there are lot of hidden perks that come with being a Jack. There are many reasons why you might want to reconsider the notion that a Jack of all trades can’t be equally successful.

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Importance of an offer letter

Technically an offer letter is just a piece of paper, with a company’s name on it. That’s it. But a real value of this piece of paper – offer letter can determined when you talk to an unemployed guy who is looking for job or someone who has just stepped into the enormous world full of cutting edge competition.

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10 career myths you should know

Career Myths – An overheard story or an experience from older guys or just a random internet stories about what you should and shouldn’t do in your career. Well many of them might be...