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तेरा तुझको अर्पण

“तेरा तुझको अर्पण क्या लागे है मेरा” कई बार अच्छी-बुरी परिस्थिति में यह पंक्ति काम आती है। गंगा मैया को धन्यवाद स्वरूप – ओ गंगा मैया तुझे पिवरी चढ़ाऊं मैं, अपने इष्ट को. कामकाज में...

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How to build self-esteem in life

Building self-esteem is one of the most important things in personality development. It takes a lot of work and time but results are astonishing. It can have a major effect in your life giving you the much-needed confidence and appreciation for ourselves.
Here are simple steps to build your self esteem

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How to stop overthinking?

Overthinking can be very destructive and it could drain your mind. Thinking too much leads to paralysis of our mind, thoughts, creativity, and ambitions. Read here about what can be done to stop overthinking.

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Just to make things clear, I have never studied psychology and am not equipped with training or knowledge to advise anyone. These are thoughts and ideas based on introspection and should in no capacity...

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How to deal with stress?

With the huge amount of stress growing every day, we got to learn how to deal with stress? Read this find some simple ways to avoid stress